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It's Heather!!!

I live in Ponder, Texas with my 3 young kiddos, and my hubby of 13ish years. I received my Bachelor's degree from Texas Tech University, (Wreck 'em!) and my Master's degree in Counseling from Texas Woman's University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC 73201) for those of y'all that live in Texas. I am EMDR-Trained, and also a motivational speaker. I have firsthand experience in helping women find their significance in life and reclaim their worth.

Y'all... Marriage is hard. Motherhood is hard. So many little things all day, every day can make it hard, too. I started the Vigorous Grace online community in 2019 after miscarrying my sweet angel baby, and I found myself surrounded by my loved ones, but feeling super alone. I wanted other women to feel connected and less alone because I knew how devastating it can feel.​ Thus, Vigorous Grace was born. 

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