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About Vigorous Grace

Here at Vigorous Grace we believe in the power of community, connection, and compassion, and our "stuff" is tailored to that.

Who is VG for? 

Great question! So, VG is for women. There are tons of other platforms out there that cater to the boys, but this ain't it, y'all. VG is geared toward Mamas, wives/partners, Grandma's, BFFs, boss ladies, sisters, daughters, and any other sister from another mister that y'all think might benefit from being here!

Keep reading to find out what we offer and how you can be part of our

VG crew!


The Vigorous Grace online community is a Facebook group of like-minded and supportive people all dedicated to the same things -- providing connection and belonging, finding humor in the hard stuff, and sharing strength when you're running low on your own.

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It's bite-sized inspiration and motivation that's authentic, relatable, and a source of round-the-clock support... great for when you're awake at 3am feeding your baby, feeling lonelier than ever, and needing a friend. 


Consider it a group of besties in your back pocket (except there's a few thousand of them    )!

Come check it out and join the fun!


Our newsletter is a one-stop shop on all things womanhood... relationship advice, girl talk, humor, stories of motherhood and family life, mental health conversations and education, and "stuff we love" (products, people, places, oh my!). It's like the best from all your favorite magazines-- except maybe the raunchy ones.

What makes the Vigorous Grace newsletter special:

  • It is unfiltered -- We believe in being raw, real, and transparent. No topic is off limits!

  • It is in depth -- Content is covered more deeply than in the online community.

  • It is qualified --Professionals from a variety of industries contribute to the publishing, meaning that you get not only personal authenticity and anecdotes, but also professional expertise.

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Get ready to dive in!

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