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What do you get when you mix the strength of vigor with the kindness of grace?

A relentless commitment to self-compassion and forgiveness.


To provide multi-level support for women striving to stand confidently in their worth while surrounded by a community that understands them.

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a message from our founder...


Maybe you've never realized the potential of who you are, or who you want to become. Or maybe somewhere along the way, you've become someone you don’t quite recognize, and have lost your sense of identity or worth. 


My friend, you are a work of art, and the things that you have endured, no matter how big or small- do not define you. Feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, and insignificance that we host on an hourly basis go un-confronted, and we are taught to push them down, and go on about our day.

We so often feel like we aren’t enough. We feel like we are insignificant.

We feel like we are all alone.


Vigorous Grace was created to give you a comfy couch to plop down on and meet up with

girlfriends who are just like you.

This is a place where you can claim your vigor and grace!

You ARE enough.

You ARE significant.

You ARE NOT alone.

Much love,


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